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Engine Diagnostics in Valencia, CA


Having engine issues? Whether you’re on a fun drive or your commute to work, the last thing you want and expect is your engine to give out on you. Engine troubles often happen at the worst possible time. Engine diagnostics serve to keep your engine running efficiently. RG Brakes & Alignment provides state-of-the-art engine diagnostics in Valencia, CA

Car Diagnostic Tests // Check Engine Light Diagnostic

What is Engine Diagnostics?

Engine diagnostics allow our staff to gather helpful information about the operating condition of your engine. The insights obtained during an engine diagnostic will determine the extent of suggested engine repairs. We will hook up a machine to your vehicle in order to determine the issues going on. Your car is essentially one giant machine that uses a computer to regulate everything going on internally.

This tool uses software that accesses your car’s reporting and computer system which is where all faults and errors are logged. Performing this simple test can tell our technicians a lot about the condition of your engine and can help to pinpoint areas that require attention. By tapping into your vehicle’s computer, our technicians can check a multitude of engine components:

  • Ignition System
  • Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)
  • DRestraint Systems
  • Fuel injection System
  • Emissions
  • Electrical

What Are the Benefits of Performing an Engine Diagnostics?

While regular engine maintenance will help ensure that your engine always performs at peak conditions, there are also signs you can look for that indicate an engine repair service is needed. The “check engine” or “service engine” light is a sure sign that your engine should be looked at by an expert at RG Brakes & Alignment in Valencia, CA. These tests are extremely helpful because they allow the mechanics to immediately pull the error log from the computer in your vehicle. This eliminates a lot of the guessing that used to go into the diagnosing car troubles, which in turn saves you time and money. Minor issues can be found and corrected long before they become a bigger more expensive issue.

Engine Diagnostics in Valencia CA

Expert Engine Diagnostics at RG Brakes & Alignment in Valencia, CA

Making an auto engine diagnostics test part of your engine preventative maintenance plan is a great way to keep your vehicle on the road and in optimal shape. When your “check engine” light turns on, it is time for you to contact us for an engine diagnostics service. Our experienced staff at RG Brakes & Alignment will work hard to get your engine working again properly in no time. Schedule an appointment today or stop by RG Brakes & Alignment for auto repair and tire service in Valencia, CA.



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