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Four Wheel Drive Repair in Valencia, CA


When having your four-wheel drive repair done it’s important to feel like your vehicle is in great hands. At RG Brakes & Alignment in Valenica, CA our honest and reliable technicians are trained and prepared to get your four-wheel drive vehicle back in top condition.

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What is Four-Wheel Drive (4WD)?

Four-wheel drive means all 4 wheels are getting power from the engine at the same time. Other vehicles are getting power for either just the front wheels or just the back wheels. With four-wheel drive, you get the best traction available.

Regular Maintenance Includes:

  •  Draining fluids from differentials for fresh fluid
  •  Making sure the system is clean
  •  Making sure the locking hubs are lubricated
  •  Inspecting the transfer case

If you drive off-road or give your vehicle a little extra love you may need repair for your four-wheel drive which can include repairing driveline parts, tire repair or even a damaged steering gear.


Four Wheel Drive Repair in Valencia, CA

To have a four-wheel drive doesn’t mean you have to go off-roading. Four-wheel drive gives you better traction in all sorts of weather conditions. No matter what you use your four-wheel drive vehicle for, just know that RG Brakes & Alignment in Valencia, CA is here and ready to ensure your vehicle is in top condition. Check out what other services we offer and give us a call today to schedule an appointment to make sure all 4 wheels are working perfectly!



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