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Land Rover Repair Valencia, CA


Independent Range Rover Repair Service in Santa Clarita Valley


As an independent Land Rover service in Valencia, CA, we can help you repair, service or maintain your Land Rover, no matter what model you own. We are your dealership alternative, using the latest diagnostic tools and equipment to provide you with professional treatment and meticulous attention to detail. Our ASE-certified technicians offer accurate and careful problem analysis, whether they are minor fixes or major engine jobs. We offer a broad range of Land Rover services, from a simple oil change to complicated engine builds at competitive prices.


As European car experts, we maintain and service all Land Rover and Range Rover models, including Defender, Freelander, Discovery, Discovery Sport, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Velar, Range Rover Evoque, and many other older and newer models. Give us a call to inform yourself of the services available for your gas and diesel four- and five-cylinder engines.

Land Rover Auto Repair Services at Valencia, CA:

Land Rover Tune-Ups

Here at RG Brakes & Alignment, we will keep the essential components in your engine clean and running as they should, with replacing spark plugs, setting the ignition timing, replacing engine air and fuel filters, performing a fuel system cleaning, and everything else needed for you Land Rover engine tune-up.

Exhaust Repair and Replacement

If your Land Rover produces loud sounds, fluids leak from the gaskets, or exhaust fumes enter your car – it is time for a thorough exhaust inspection. We are equipped to handle all types of exhaust repair, so do not wait until your safety is compromised.

Oil Change

Many mechanics will recommend you change the oil every 3,000 miles because engine oil becomes less effective as it ages. You need to keep it fresh, even if you do not drive your car a lot. Whether your Land Rover requires synthetic, synthetic blend oil or high mileage oil, we will always do what is best for your vehicle.

Land Rover Transmission Repair

No matter if a total rebuild or a transmission repair is necessary, we will help you understand all the options and help you make an informed decision for your Range Rover transmission issue. It is important to come to RG Brakes & Alignment as soon as you notice the signs of failure.

Brake Repair

Grinding, screeching, squealing or squeaking sounds when brakes are applied is the sign you need to check the brakes on your Land Rover. Do not wait too long, keep your brakes in quality condition at RG Brakes & Alignment!

Engine Diagnostics

Engine diagnostic tests can reveal problems with your Land Rover engine, exhaust system, transmission, brakes, and other major components. Engine diagnostics is used to gather data that can be utilized in the repair of the vehicle. We will plug a device into your car’s onboard computer, and if there is a problem, one or several codes may be displayed.

Cooling System Repair

An overheating engine is a sign your cooling system is not working properly. Our certified technicians will look at fluid levels, inspect radiators and belts, check for leaks in the hoses, and check your engine parts for corrosion. You will get back to the road with a healthy vehicle.

Wheel Alignment

Adjusting the vehicle’s suspension can improve handling and keep your car from pulling to the left or right or vibrating strangely on the road. Wheel misalignment symptoms usually appear gradually, so pay attention to the signs as they can save you time and money and keep you safe behind the wheel.

Tire Repair

ASE Certified, skillful staff at RG Brakes & Alignment Valencia, CA, will perform tire installation, balancing, flat tire repair, and tire rotation.

Range Rover Suspension Repair

Unfortunately, Range Rover’s electronically controlled air suspension cannot last forever. We are able to undertake a wide range of transmission needs and repairs. After a completed service, we will road test the repairs to ensure everything is working properly.

Air Conditioning Repair

Scheduling an A/C performance check can detect freon leaks, clogged refrigerant charging hose or expansion tube, and failed compressor.  The technician may use UV light to easily detect a leak in the system. Do not sweat, come to RG Brakes & Alignment repair shop in Valencia, CA.

Driveline Repair

We will thoroughly inspect your driveline (all the axles, joints, driveshaft, and differentials) because any crack or leak in the joints can severely damage your car. To help all these parts run smoothly, removing an old differential fluid and replacing it with a new one is a part of a service.

Belts and Hoses Replacement

Belts and hoses in your Range Rover are involved in a process within the cooling system, charging system, air conditioning system, and engine. Regular inspection and proper maintenance can prevent accidents due to loss of engine power while traveling at high speeds.

Land Rover Four Wheel Drive Repair

A powerful 4×4 makes all Land Rover models exceptionally capable in wet, icy, and off-road conditions. Maintaining and repairing your four-wheel-drive system includes cleaning the components of the system, lubricating the locking hubs, and inspecting the transfer case.

Preventative Maintenance Service

Caring and protecting your car against potential major auto repair is always a smart move. We will ensure your Land Rover runs at optimal conditions. Contact us to learn more about recommended maintenance service intervals for your vehicle.

Besides those mentioned above, we also offer pre-buyers inspection, alternator repair, clutch repair and replacement, battery service and replacement, valve repair, electrical system repair, catalytic convertors repair and replacement, and many more. Do not hesitate to call RG Brakes & Alignment and inform yourself of the available services for your Land and Range Rover models.

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Range Rover Repair FAQs

What are the Most Common Land Rover Problems?

Although labeled as a luxury SUV and one of the premier brands, it does not mean that Land Rover does not have its share of problems. Here are the four most common issues with Land Rover models:

  • Air suspension problems: Some owners report that air suspension starts to sag after six years. The cost can go far above thousands of dollars to replace the original air suspension with traditional coils.
  • Parking brake failure: When the parking brake is engaged, some Rover owners noted unusual screeching sounds and reported parking brake failures. Consequently, this forces the brake out of alignment, and the need for readjustment is evident.
  • Steering shaft problems: When land Rover drivers turn at low speed, they might hear loud noises due to the steering shaft malfunctioning.
  • Oil leaks: Land Rovers are known for their oil leaks which usually happen in valve cover gaskets and cooler lines.

What are Land Rover Repair Costs?

Viewed as a luxury vehicle, Land Rover requires a lot of maintenance and servicing. The annual repair cost for all Land Rover models is around $1,174. This price includes both unscheduled and scheduled maintenance repairs and is about double what other popular SUVs have reported.

Why Are Land Rovers So Good Off-Road?

Although looking softer than they used to, Land Rovers have off-road features like hill descent control in motion, which assist the driver on challenging descent, maintaining a constant speed and braking each separate wheel when required. It also posesses a wading depth of 35.4″. The terrain response system combines agility and traction to tackle sand, snow, rocks, gravel, and any other terrain successfully.