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Driveline Repair in Valencia, CA


At RG Brakes & Alignment, we specialize in driveline repair and service. Drivelines should be evaluated at the initial sign of a problem. RG Brakes & Alignment does quality auto repair services in Valencia, CA.

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Axles // Bearings // Drive Shafts// Differentials // Torque Converter // U-Joints & CV Joints // Other Driveline Components

Your vehicle requires several different moving parts to function properly. It needs the engine, transmission and also the driveline. The driveline is made up of several components that support the engine and transmission. These parts include the driveshaft, the axles, the wheels, the joints, and the differentials. They all work together to help steer the vehicle by turning the axels, and the axel rotates the wheels. The driveline pushes your vehicle in forward or reverse movement and transmits the power that allows the wheels to move. Without a driveline, the power the engine creates would stop in the transmission, and the wheels won’t turn.

To Preserve Your Driveline:

  • Watch and preserve the appropriate degree of engine fluids
  • Avoid harsh use of your driveline such as pulling too heavy of loads
  • Ask a professional to check your CV and universal joints for lack of lubricant or too much motion
  • Bring your car in for an examination drive to inspect for any noises or vibration occurring in the course of acceleration that could possibly suggest a joint trouble
  • We may also carry out tire checks, tire balancing, and tire rotation, to provide the most effective driving experience!

Why is the Driveline Important?

Your driveline system needs to be kept well maintained because it handles the full force of your vehicle. Without the driveline, your vehicle is not going anywhere, so we need to take good care of it. It includes everything from the back of your car’s engine to the wheels. Driving with issues in the driveline can damage the system further and wear out the parts. It may also lead to a serious car accident. If you notice your vehicle shuddering during acceleration, noises under your vehicle, like a loud clunking, grinding, or clicking, it could be a sign of driveline problems. Visit RG Brakes & Alignment in Valencia, CA, for driveline repair & maintenance services.  Have your tires and drivelines examined if you observe the following issues.

  • Turning issues particularly when making tight turns, U-turns, or auto parking
  • A Low squeaking sound that worsens with deceleration
  • Vibrations that increase with rate and vibrations that take place when the automobile is moving whatsoever, or idling

RG Brakes & Alignment Offers Quality Driveline Maintenance in Valencia, CA

Are you having a problem that you think might be related to your car or truck’s driveline? Whether it’s a problem with the transmission, clutch, driveshaft, differential, or axles, you don’t need to look any further than RG Brakes & Alignment. Visit us soon to setup your next driveline service in Valencia, CA or other auto repair service. RG Brakes & Alignment is also proud to be your local provider of quality brand name Valencia, CA tires.



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