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Tire Repair in Valencia, CA


At RG Brakes & Alignment in Valencia, CA, we offer quality flat-tire repair services for your car.

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Driving on the road used to be a luxury, but as the years passed, it grew to become more of a necessity. Every day, millions of people hit the road to go to work, drop off their children at school, or just to go buy groceries for that chicken piccata recipe they want to try. With all the safety measures that have been built into cars, the risk of any sort of accident has become minimized. But even with all these advancements in safety, tire blowouts have been a leading cause for fatal car accidents.

It isn’t uncommon for tires to run over nails, shards of glass, and even a sharp stone. These items are enough to puncture a tire and give you a flat. Flat tires can be extremely dangerous as your car rim can slip on the tire tread. This can also damage your wheel as there is no cushion on the metal frame of the wheel. If you’re driving on a tire that continuously loses air or has a puncture, it’s best to get that changed ASAP.

What Causes a Flat Tire?

Based on the law of averages, a flat tire is the most common car problem that drivers will come across at least once in their lives. It’s a hassle to get changed, and it can be an annoyance at the very least. So, you’re probably asking “what causes a flat tire?”

The most common causes of flat tires are:

  •  Puncture by a sharp object (nail, glass, pointed debris or sharp rocks)
  •  Failure or damage of the valve stem
  •  A worn or ripped tire
  •  Tire bead leaks
  •  Vandalism
  •  Separation of tire and rim

Never Drive on a Flat Tire

Sometimes, a flat tire can’t be avoided. Or sometimes it’s hard to notice when you have a flat tire. Some damaged tires have a particularly slow leakage, which you won’t notice while on the road. These usually become obvious after a while of keeping your car parked. Preventing a punctured tire from becoming a blowout is extremely important to the overall safety of your drive.

RG Brakes & Alignment Offers Fast & Quality Tire Repair in Valencia, CA

RG Brakes & Alignment provides the best tire repair services in Valencia, CA. We’ll inspect and adjust your air pressure and do an aesthetic tire check. If you were out on the road when you got your flat, we’ll meet you out there and replace your tire, FAST. Visit our store near you or book an appointment to get your tire inspected and repaired or call us the next time you get an unexpected flat. RG Brakes & Alignment is thrilled to be your auto repair shop and tire provider in Valencia, CA.



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