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Independent Saab Auto Repair in Santa Clarita


Having a dealership quality, our independent European car repair shop is committed to preserving your Saab’s superior performance and reliability. At our Saab car repair shop in Valencia, CA, we help Saab drivers take better care of their cars. Although the financial difficulties and corporate turmoil leave the fate of the Saab brand undecided, do not worry – we are an auto shop that has the technology and specialized tools to handle all the Saab makes and models, including Saab 9-2, 9-3, 9-5 and many more. Whether you own a gas or diesel engine, from a simple oil change to complex engine rebuilds, we are here to resolve any of your Saab issues. Building your trust since 1985, you will find our approach professional, cost-effective, and personal.

Dealer Level Saab Auto Repair Services Valencia, CA

Engine Diagnostics

Scanning your Saab board computer to check the system for issues is often performed when the check engine signal appears on the dashboard. At RG Brakes & Alignment, this thorough diagnostic test will allow our mechanics to collect the relevant data and repair the vehicle if necessary.

Brake Repair

Brakes are the most important safety part of your vehicle. Replacing or repairing auto brake pads, rotors, or calipers will ensure your vehicle is ready to hit the road safely. Also, leaking the brake fluid means you need to visit a reputable Saab service – RG Brakes & Alignment.

Saab Tune-Ups

Inspecting filters, belts and hoses, fluids, spark plugs, distributor caps, and rotors to check for parts that need cleaning, fixing, or replacing is available at RG Brakes & Alignment. A tune-up will certainly help your car runs better, so schedule an appointment.

Cooling System Repair

Servicing the cooling system every two years (or according to your manual recommendations) is the simplest way to avoid overheating your auto. The service may include checking the pressure conditions and coolant volume, checking radiator caps, hoses and belts. Flushing the coolant (antifreeze) and replacing it after two years or 26,000 kilometers is also recommended.

Saab Transmission Repair

Burning smell, leaking fluid, the transmission will not stay in gear, slipping transmission slipping, it takes a while for your Saab to get into gear – these are all signs that your vehicle needs a transmission repair. Come to RG Brakes & Alignment facility and we will diagnose and fix the issue in no time.

Oil Change

Regular oil change is a routine when taking care of your car. Looking at your owner’s manual will give you a general idea of how long you can drive your vehicle without an oil change –  it is generally recommended to change your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, depending on whether your Saab uses conventional or synthetic oil.

Exhaust Repair or Replacement

 Increased engine noise together with decreased fuel economy and vibrations may be signs of exhaust problems. It can increase the risk of inhaling hazardous fumes, so come to RG Brakes & Alignment if you notice any of these signs. We will repair it before it turns into a bigger problem.

Air Conditioning Repair

Performing a full check of your Saab’s A/C to ensure it is free from leak or damage is the main idea behind the A/C repair. Suppose you noticed a refrigerant leak or poor performance. In that case, RG Brakes & Alignment is here to help you solve the issue with a series of checks, replacements, and repairs to get your A/C in top condition.

Preventive Saab Maintenance

Caring and protecting your Saab against potential auto repairs is possible by regular preventative maintenance at RG Brakes & Alignment. Replacing consumable items such as brake fluid, radiator coolant, motor oil, powers steering fluid, brake padas, and wiper blades will ensure you avoid major and costly auto repairs.

Belts and Hoses Replacement

Belts and hoses are involved in a process within the cooling system, charging system, A/C system, and engine. If they snap, they can leave your Saab stranded. Ensuring your belts and hoses are in good condition can prevent unexpected car breakdowns. Stop by in RG Brakes & Alignment, and we will inspect your belts and hoses.

Saab Suspension Repair

Uneven tire treads is the first sign your suspension is not at its best. Bad suspension can greatly affect the ability to control your Saab, so do not ignore this part of the car maintenance. Replacing the hub bearings, shock absorbers, suspension springs, calipers, shocks and struts is available at RG Brakes & Alignment.

Driveline Repair

The most outstanding feature of the Saab is its front-wheel drive that allows you to literally aim the car where you want to go. Keeping it in pristine condition is the best way to ensure that you will enjoy a safe ride with your Saab. Removing the old lubricant and replacing it with a new differential fluid will provide all these parts to run smoothly.

Tire Replacement and Rotation

Replacing your tires (usually in sets of two or four) when you notice the wear indicators are below minimum will prevent the damage of the drivetrain. Even with a regular tire rotation schedule, tires will eventually need to be replaced. At RG Brakes & Alignment, we will inspect your tire wear and recommend the proper tires for your Saab model.

Wheel Alignment

Call us if you want your tires to perform properly and last longer, prevent your Saab from pulling in one direction or vibrating strangely on the road. Wheel alignment at RG Brakes & Alignment will improve your vehicle’s handling.

Do not worry if the problem you have with your Saab is not listed here, because RG Brakes & Alignment offers various services to get you back on the road quickly and with minimal headaches and hassles. Services like alternator repairs, pre-buyers inspection, battery replacement, valve repair, clutch repair, electrical system repair, catalytic convertors repair and replacement, complete engine repair, and many more are available at our specialized and certified Saab mechanics with dealer-lever expertise.

Why Saab Drivers Love RG Brakes & Alignment?

Choosing the Saab Mechanic in Santa Clarita is Important, Try RG Brakes & Alignment

Our company is created to help Saab drivers find reliable and trustworthy independent mechanics in Valencia:

ase certified mechanics valencia ca

  • Professionals that offer dealer-level Saab diagnostics
  • Affordable process
  • High-standard service for all Saab makes and models
  • ASE-certified mechanics in major European brands
  • We use only OEM parts and fluids
  • 24-month warranty on parts and labor
  • More than 30 years of experience
  • 5-star reputation – read our Google and Yelp reviews.

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Locating a Saab repair expert is not easy. RG Brakes & Alignment know that you want to service your European beauty to the highest standards and get fair and honest treatment. Here is the news – it is possible at RG Brakes & Alignment. We will ensure your Saab is running at peak capacity, so speak with our ASE-certified technicians if you have any questions. Call us at (661) 259-7098.



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Are Saabs Expensive to Repair?

Saabs have an average maintenance cost of $612 per year for a mid-tier model. Repair and maintenance costs vary depending on mileage, age, location, and shop. Despite being a dead brand, Saabs are not expensive to maintain because some newer models share many parts with General Motors vehicles.

How Reliable are Saab Cars?

Yes, they are reliable, with solid overall body construction and excellent fuel economy. They have a reputation for having high performance, quality, and comfort. However, Saabs are not without issues.

What Are the Most Common Saab Problems?

There are some areas Saab do not make the cut, for example:

  • The fuel level sensor: while dropping the fuel level during a ride has nothing to do with the car’s drivability, it is still a nuisance not to know the right fuel level.
  • The suspension: One of the mounts connected to the steering wheel tends to wear out quickly. It is not a significant issue unless left unfixed for a long time.
  • The electric throttle body: This little piece starts to work less effectively, controlling the engine airflow after a few miles. It can lead to engine heat up, causing more serious issues.