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We Repair Nissan Cars in Valencia, CA Since 1987


Nissan is one of the most common Japanese brands of vehicles seen on California roads. It is well known for its advanced technology, affordability, safety and practicality, yet sporty performance. This Japanese brand produces everything from small city cars to crossovers and SUVs. Nissan is the type of car brand people will most commonly choose for daily commute. Even though it is reliable, drivers must keep good maintenance, including brake replacement and regular oil change.

Our mechanics are certified in repairing Japanese car brands. We work on all Nissan models of cars and SUVs including Versa, Maxima, Altima, Titan, Murano, Rogue, Quest, GT-R, Xterra and many more. We repair both gas and diesel engines. RG Brakes & Alignment is an independent Japanese car service center in Valencia, our mechanics are ASE-certified, and we use only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. With us, you are backed up with a 2-year warranty on labor and parts.

Nisan Repair Services in Valencia by RG Brakes & Alignment


Periodical tune-up will improve car performance and efficiency and saves fuel. It would usually include cleaning, repairing, and replacing filters, spark plugs and belts. Make sure you choose experienced mechanics who know all Nissan specs.


By doing maintenance you prevent vehicle from failing at its performance. It can also save you money if the car lacks proper and regular oil change, brake replacement and tire rotation. We will make sure that you evade any car repairment on time.

Multipoint Engine Diagnostics

Engine diagnostics is a must if you notice the sign “check engine” on dash board. This can help avoid any major car failure and make sure engine doesn’t fail at the worst possible time, like when commuting to work. At our repair shop you will get full insight into engine operating and we will fix it to prevent any further performance issues.

Brake Repair

RG Brakes & Alignment in Valencia, CA performs at its best to secure you with quality brake parts and brake repair service. Brakes are a crucial part of Nissan vehicles since you need them to stop the vehicle. We can offer a full service including replacing brake pads, emptying former brake fluids, refilling them with fresh ones, and cleaning, modifying, and greasing other braking parts.

Oil Change

The key to smooth vehicle running is oil and oil filter changing. There are few kinds of oil as synthetic, synthetic mix and high-mileage oil. Our team of mechanics will replace vehicle’s oil with the one Nissan requires and OEM oil filters.


Driveline Repair

Driveline repair includes axles, bearings, drive shafts, differentials, torque converter, u-joints & cv joints, and other driveline components. By ignoring the driveline issues, you take the risk of serious accident and further damage to the whole driving and steering system. Contact us today, and we will inspect driveline thoroughly and with care.

Cooling System Repair

If the engine is overheated, the cooling system will fail to continue its operation properly. Japanese automotive experts will check engine cooling system and radiator at RG Brakes and Alignment to make sure everything is in good shape. Also, we will check fluid levels and hoses for a potential leak, so you feel safe on the road.

Transmission Repair

If the car starts but won’t drive, vehicle drives but won’t shift, “check engine’ light is on, are some of the problems you can encounter if having transmission problems. This type of repairment will usually include both mechanical and electronic issues, which our team will handle with ease.

Exhaust Repair and Replacement

The exhaust system can encounter many issues, including loud noises and vibrations, leading to weakened vehicle efficacy. Save time and money by contacting RG Brakes and Alignment to check your exhaust and prevent expensive repairs.

Tire Replacement & Repair

At RG Brakes and Alignment, we are specialized in tire installation, balancing, replacement, and rotation. Out of balance tires can cause unsafe driving performance and lead to tire replacement more often. To ensure tires have even wear, tire rotation is also required. This regular checkup can make the ride more comfortable and dramatically improve vehicle’s maneuvering.

A/C Repair & Maintenance

A lack of cool air if freon leaks, air that blows has a bad odor, A/C blows warm air, the compressor is broken – these are some of the problems the car A/C system can encounter. If noticing them in time, you can save yourself an uncomfortable ride during summertime. Our experts are ASE-certified and will do their best to service your AC.

Belts and Hoses Replacement

Check belts and hoses on time in our auto repair shop in Valencia, CA. If you notice power loss, grinding and squeaking noises, or you feel vibrations and slips, it is mandatory to check your vehicle to prevent belts from wearing off and breaking.

Wheel Alignment

If wheel components are not working together and in balance, it can raise serious issues like unsafe driving, low fuel economy, tire wear, uncomfortable driving etc. As our business name suggests, RG Brakes and Alignment specializes in wheels and tires and has years of experience in wheel alignment. We are also providers of top-quality tires.


Who Is RG Brakes and Alignment?

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  • Our experts are ASE-certified in major Japanese brands
  • We offer OEM parts of great quality at affordable price
  • Our service will be covered by two years warranty on parts and labor
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1. Is Nissan expensive for maintenance and repair?

Nissan owners would roughly spend 500$ per year for their regular checks and some unexpected repairs. It would benefit if you owned an extended car warranty when Nissan factory warranty expires.

2. How often do I need to change oil in my Nissan?

You would need conventional oil change every 3.000-5.000 miles and synthetic oil change every 7.500-10.000 miles. This means that you need to perform oil change approximately once a year.

3. What are the most common Nissan issues?

  • Oil leak – In 2001, Nissan company announced that over 15,000 vehicles experienced this issue.
  • CVT (Nissan’s Continuous Variable Transmission) issues are not rare and can lead to expensive repair
  • Rusting – Nissan Navara truck was one the models famous for rusting in models released between 2005-2008.
  • Sunroof damage – Nissan vehicles with panoramic roofs, such as Qashqai and the Infiniti, and QX60 have this issue.
  • Faulty fuel gauge – Some past models of Nissan experienced these issues, but recent models don’t.