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Independent Volvo Mechanics in Valencia, SCV


If your Volvo is not performing well, the most-trusted Volvo servicing in Valencia, CA will make sure your car will be thoroughly inspected, diagnosed, and fixed at an unbeatable price. Being aEuropean car specialists RG Brakes & Alignment can handle a variety of services, from simple oil and filter change to more complicated transmission rebuild of Volvo’s famous Geartronic. Your vehicle will be in good hands, safe and dependable for you and your family.


No matter if you drive a gas or diesel small family car, comfortable station wagon, sedan, SUV, we service and maintain most of the Volvo models, including S40, S60, S70, S80, S90, C30, C70, V40, V50, V60, V70, V90, XC40, XC60, XC90, and many more. Our experienced and certified Volvo mechanics in Valencia, CA have an honest and clear approach to maintenance and repair, so be sure that we are committed to providing you with the highest level of car care.

Scope of Volvo Car Repair Services in Valencia, CA

RG Brakes & Alignment, as independent Volvo mechanics in SCV, offer the following services:


Many services can be performed as a tune-up. We perform a thorough inspection of your engine to check it for parts that need cleaning, fixing, or replacing. Service requirements vary from vehicle to vehicle but also depend on your age and mileage.

Brake Repair

Keeping your brakes in quality condition is essential for the safety of your ride. Vibration, squealing sound, and a spongy brake pedal require immediate attention as these symptoms may lead to something more serious if left untreated.

Driveline Repair

Inspection of your driveline transfer case, removing the old, contaminated fluid and replacing it with new driveline fluid is one part of the driveline service. The best Volvo car repair in Valencia will keep your driveline in safe operating condition.

Air Conditioning Repair

Servicing your AC system at least once a year will minimize the chances of malfunction when you need it most, especially during the summer months. At RG Brakes & Alignment, we will check your AC system thoroughly to ensure there are no leaks or damages.

Tire Replacement

Tires are usually replaced in sets of two or four. If your tread depth does not meet the legal safety standards, it is time for tire replacement. Most tires need to be replaced at ten years of age. However, tires need to be replaced even sooner due to thread wear, impact damage, overloading, punctures, and improper inflation.

Volvo Transmission Repair

Whether your Volvo has a 4-, 5-, 6-, or 8-speed model of Geartronic transmission, it needs to be properly maintained. A transmission flush is one of the services available at our Volvo auto repair shop in Valencia.

Cooling System Repair

Checking that your cooling system is properly regulating the engine temperature is essential. System analysis, thermostat check, drain and refill – do not risk overheating; try high-quality cooling system repair at RG Brakes & Alignment.

Wheel Alignment

Call us if you want your tires to perform properly and last longer, prevent your Volvo from pulling in one direction or vibrating strangely on the road. Wheel alignment at RG Brakes & Alignment will improve your vehicle’s handling.

Volvo Engine Diagnostics

Plugging your Volvo’s car computer into an engine diagnostic machine is a thorough diagnostic procedure that can identify why the engine may not function properly. The problem will appear in the form of a diagnostic code, and our job is to determine what could be causing the code to appear.

Oil Change

Depending on your Volvo model and your preference, we may use conventional, synthetic or semi-synthetic oil. Your engine will run more efficiently after removing the old oil and pouring the new one.

Preventative Maintenance Service

Regularly performing tasks to minimize the risk of your vehicle’s malfunction is considered preventative maintenance. Also, our certified Volvo technicians will record equipment deterioration and inform you before they cause a system failure.

Volvo Suspension Replacement

If your Volvo’s adaptive suspension needs replacement or repair, we are here for you. The replacement of shock absorbers, ball joints, springs, or total system replacement is available at RG Brakes & Alignment.

Exhaust Repair or Replacement

Decreased fuel economy, increased engine noise, vibrations, rattling sounds – all of these signs can tell you that it is time for exhaust repair or replacement. Contact us for a thorough check of your exhaust system.

Belts and Hoses Replacement

Every belt has a recommended replacement interval. At the same time, hoses should be inspected every time the coolant is changed. Leaky hoses can lead to more serious problems, so it is better to replace such parts before they fail.

Besides mentioned, we provide a lot more services to your Swedish car – alternator repair, complete engine repair, catalytic convertors repair and replacement, valve repair, electrical system repair, battery check and replacement, fuel injection service, complete Volvo engine repair, pre-buyers inspection, and many more. Do not hesitate to contact RG Brakes & Alignment to inform you of the available services for your loving Swedish beauty.

Why Volvo Drivers Love RG Brakes & Alignment?

Why Hire Us for Volvo Repair Shop in Valencia, CA?

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  • We are a Volvo dealer alternative
  • We offer more affordable prices
  • We have been a family-operated and owned company for more than 30 years
  • We provide outstanding service and a high level of expertise
  • ASE certified mechanics
  • 24-month warranty on labor and parts
  • Using only OEM parts and fluids
  • Experienced automotive technicians with high service standards
  • 5-Star reputation, do not miss our Google and Yelp reviews.

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Volvo’s slogan is ‘Made for people by people.’ The company’s reputation is built on safety, so let RG Brakes & Alignment contribute to that safety by proper maintenance and service. Our dedicated staff knows Volvo vehicles inside and out, so do not let your car be left unattended, which may lead to costly breakdowns. Keep your Volvo in its top form; contact RG Brakes & Alignment today at (661) 259-7098.



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What is the Average Annual Cost of Volvo Maintenance?

The average annual cost of Volvo’s maintenance is around $769. Compared to $652, the average annual repair cost of other models is slightly higher. Volvo repairs are more affordable than other luxury models like Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Cadillac. However, they are almost twice as much compared to U.S. or Japanese brands.

What are the Most Common Volvo Problems?

After a few years on the road, some common issues may become apparent. It is important to know all these issues to react to any sign of failure. Some of the most important are:

  • Power steering leakage occurs when the hose that transports the power steering fluid from the reservoir towards the system starts to leak.
  • Cooling fan problems are resulting in abrupt engine failure.
  • Excessive oil consumption due to cracks in one of the fuel lines in the engine compartment.
  • Poor fuel economy due to the slow acceleration.

Are Volvos Reliable Cars?

Reliability is measured related to the average cost of the repair. One of the reasons why Volvo is considered unreliable is the higher average maintenance cost than other models. Usually, cars that require fewer repairs and cost less per garage visit are ranked higher in reliability.

Also, Volvos are packed with technology, which increases the chances of something going wrong. You need to visit the nearest Volvo repair shop in Valencia, CA at any sign of a failure.

How Often Do I Need to Change the Oil in my Volvo?

It is recommended that you never drive more than 10,000 miles without an oil change – it will begin to break down and damage your engine. Still, consult your owner’s manual about service intervals to be absolutely sure. If you are unsure, come to the leading Volvo car repair in Valencia – RG Brakes, and we will let you know.