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Wheel Alignments in Valencia, CA


At RG Brakes & Alignment in Valencia, CA, we have the latest high-tech equipment, expert technicians, and over 25 years’ experience in offering you unbeatable value and a wheel alignment done right.

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Why Should You Get a Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment, also referred to as tire alignment, is an important tire service and vehicle maintenance necessity. It is an adjustment of your vehicle’s entire suspension system which is made up of tires, air pressure, springs, shock absorbers and steering linkages that all working together to make sure that your tires are connecting with the road surface properly. When they get out of alignment, it can cause decreased handling, safety, driving comfort, fuel economy as well as excessive tire wear.

A Car Alignment Check Features:

  • Assessment of the steering and suspension parts
  • Evaluation of the tires for dimension, tire pressure and tread
  • Comparison of your wheel positioning to vehicle manufacturer standards

Symptoms of Your Vehicle’s Wheels Being Out of Alignment

Bad roads, potholes, curbs, and being in an accident are the main hazards that cause misalignment. A wheel alignment is a complex process that brings your vehicle’s suspension into its proper manufacturer-designated configuration using a specialized computerized alignment machine. The machines will adjust the tire angles to ensure that they are making optimum contact with the road.

You’re probably in need of a wheel alignment if:

  • You experience vibration when turning
  • The steering wheel pulls to the left or right
  • The steering wheel is not straight when driving on a straight roadway
  • Your tire tread is wearing unevenly

Quality Wheel Alignment in Valencia, CA

You’re more likely to lose control of your vehicle if your tires aren’t in good condition. Have your alignment checked periodically, as specified by vehicle manufacturer manual or whenever there is any indication of trouble such as uneven wear in tires, pulling, vibrations, etc. Our trained and certified auto technicians at RG Brakes & Alignment in Valencia, CA have years of experience for all auto related services. We make sure to do the repair right the first time. Visit us to have our expert technicians provide you with a fast and affordable wheel alignment. Schedule an appointment for your next Wheel Alignment or other Valencia, CA, auto repair services. We are also your top provider of quality tires in Valencia, CA.



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