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Brake Repair in Valencia, CA


Your car’s brakes work hard to keep you and your passengers safe. The braking systems have integral parts that all working together to ensure that your vehicle stops properly. The system works by depressing the brake pedal, which tells the master cylinder to compress brake fluid. Hydraulic pressure is sent through brake lines that activate your vehicle’s brake pads. These pads then make contact with spinning rotors (or drums), slowing down or stopping the vehicle.


Importance of Brake Services

The main function of your braking system is to keep you safe by decreasing the speed of your vehicle or bringing it to a stop. RG Brakes & Alignment in Valencia, CA wants to give you the confidence of knowing that your vehicle braking system is working its best.

Brake Repair Valencia

Our Brake Service Includes

Our expert technicians can perform a brake inspection which may include:

  • Checking for even wear and measuring brake pad/shoe thickness
  • Ensuring brake lines and master and wheel cylinders aren’t leaking
  • Checking rotors for hot spots and run-outs
  • Inspecting calipers for wear, fluid leaks, and movement
  • Checking anti-lock brake sensors
  • Testing hardware and making necessary adjustments
  • Checking brake fluid condition and levels

Tips for Helping Your Brakes Last Longer

  • Only break with your right foot
  • Do not tailgate
  • Replace brakes fluid often
  • Invest in good quality brakes
  • Lighten the load in your vehicle

Signs You Should Have Your Brakes Serviced

Have your brake pads checked every time that you bring your vehicle in for an oil change or tire rotation. Brake pads are used constantly, and they will wear out over time, so getting them replaced is a necessity. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, as the mileage of when to get your brake pads changed depends on your vehicle, how you drive, and the conditions you’re driving in. There are several red flags you should be aware of that implicates it’s time for at least some routine brake service, or perhaps even a brake repair. These signs include:

  • Brake lights are on
  • A high-pitched squeak when you push the brakes
  • A scratching or grinding noise when not braking, this additionally could be an indication of a brake or bearing concern and ought to be evaluated right away
  • Shaking or vibration in the course of stopping
  • Requiring more pressure to stop

Affordable Brake Repair in Valencia, CA

Whatever your vehicle’s brake system needs, RG Brakes & Alignment can perform the service to help ensure its proper working condition. Trust us for your vehicle’s brake service maintenance and repairs. We have certified technicians who are qualified to inspect or replace your brake pads. We can diagnose when your brakes have gone bad, and make sure you get the right pads on your vehicle. Call RG Brakes & Alignment in Valencia, CA or schedule an appointment online for your brake repair or any of our other auto repair services. We offer quality and affordable auto repair, brakes, wheel alignment services, and tires in Valencia, CA.



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