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Whether you need a trusted Mazda certified mechanic in Valencia, CA for all makes and models, you are in the right place. No matter if you own a gas or diesel model, we provide top-notch services that will keep you running for years.

RG Brakes & Alignment is your one-stop shop for Mazda maintenance in Valencia, CA, offering everything from an oil change to brake repairs to major engine repairs. Our certified mechanics use the latest technology to diagnose the issue, and your can rest assured your Mazda is in good hands. Regular maintenance will not only keep your vehicle in top shape but will also maximize the value of your car. As a Japanese car repair expert, RG Brakes & Alignment will surely deliver superior and affordable car repair in Valencia, CA.

These are just some of Mazda models you can get fixed at our car repair shop:

  • CX-3
  • CX-30
  • CX-4
  • CX-5
  • CX-50
  • CX-60
  • CX-8,
  • CX-9,
  • MX-30
  • MX-5
  • BT-50

Mazda Car Repair Services in Valencia, CA


If you notice decreased gas mileage, compromised engine power, or a ‘check engine light’ that remains on after the initial start are signs you need an engine tune-up. Our Mazda experts will help you determine which tune-up service is necessary for your car based on your driving conditions.

Preventive Maintenance Service

Keep your Mazda in top condition with regular maintenance services that will ensure your Japanese beauty stays safe and reliable for your family. Our highly skilled professionals will honestly and promptly provide excellent services that will prevent bigger problems.

Engine Diagnostics

Getting your Mazda on regular engine diagnostics can reveal many things about your vehicle. It will identify the engine issues accurately and fast. Contact RG Brakes & Alignment and schedule a diagnostic test that will reveal the root cause of the problem.

Mazda Driveline Repair

Taking your vehicle to a regular driveshaft and axle inspection can prevent problems from escalating. The sooner you bring your car to a service, the less chance of permanent damage being done to it. Do not trust this important job to anyone.

Brake Repair

Depending on your system brake evaluation, you may need brake pads replacement, brake rotors/drums resurface, brake fluid flush and replacement, brake caliper replacement, or lubrication of other braking mechanisms. Brake maintenance is recommended at 20,000-60,000 miles.

Cooling System Repair

Count on mechanics when you notice coolant leakage, discoloration on your vehicle parts, or overheating. We are here to perform a full inspection of your cooling system. With regular maintenance services, you can stop problems before they happen.

Mazda Transmission Repair

Whether your Mazda has SKYACTIVE-Drive or SKYACTIVE-MT transmission, we can help you with any problem with your transmission. We will diagnose the s and recommend the necessary transmission service to ensure safety and improve your Mazda’s lifespan.

Mazda Oil Change

Our oil change services are an important part of routine car maintenance. If you are unsure which oil type suits your Mazda, our experienced technicians will consult you about the best motor oil for your climate – it can be a conventional, synthetic, synthetic blend, or high mileage oil.

Exhaust Replacement

We know everything about mufflers, exhaust valves and pistons, exhaust manifolds, catalytic converters, exhaust pipes, and tailpipes. If you experience any problem with the exhaust system, do not wait too long, as it can pose a serious safety hazard.

Tire Repair, Replacement & Rotation

A flat tire is always inconvenient. Tire rotation will maximize your tire lifespan and ensure a smoother ride. Tire replacement is needed when your tires lose their thread. Whatever tire service you need, RG Brakes & Alignment is here for you.

Mazda A/C Repair

If the temperature in your vehicle makes you miserable, it is time for A/C repair. Hoses that feed the A/C can crack, drip, or clog when they are not serviced. Either way, regular A/C maintenance at RG Brakes & Alignment can help you avoid more expensive repair costs down the road.

Belts and Hoses Replacement

Belts and hoses are involved in the car’s cooling, charging system, and engine. Routine inspection and regular replacement will prevent breakdowns and costly repairs. If you suspect any belt or hose needs replacement, contact us today.

Suspension Repair

If your vehicle sways, bounces, squeaks or makes you turn the steering wheel hard, maybe it is time for a suspension inspection and repair. With its torsion-beam suspension, any sign of your Mazda’s steering and suspension problems should be addressed immediately.

Wheel Alignment

Adjusting the angles of the wheels of your Mazda according to the manufacturer’s specifications is the main purpose of the wheel alignment. If your vehicle veers left or right on the highway, do not hesitate to come to RG Brakes & Alignment for a check-up.

Heating Repair

Keeping your cabin warm in winter is the main function of your heating system. When that does not happen, this could mean there is a potential problem with your heating problem, and our ASE-certified technicians should check it.

There is also a wide range of additional services that we offer but are not listed above, like complete Mazda engine repair, pre-buyers inspections, alternator repairs, battery replacement, valve repair, clutch repair, electrical system repair, catalytic converters repair and replacement, and more.

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Despite its reliability, Mazda still needs regular maintenance to keep it in top shape and maximize its value. At RG Brakes & Alignment, we are happy to be of service to your precious Japanese beauty. We have all the technology, tools, and knowledge to keep your Mazda running like new. We love Mazda vehicles, so you can read our Google and Yelp reviews that show our dedication and passion. We will certainly treat your car with the respect it deserves. Schedule an appointment at (661) 259-7098.



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Are Mazdas Expensive to Fix?

As the average annual maintenance cost for all vehicles is $652, the price of Mazda vehicles of $462 per year is much less than the industry average.

Do Mazdas Hold Their Value Well?

Mazda is among the brands that hold value well. In the first three years from production, the most popular Mazda models hold on average 72% of their value. After five years, most Mazda models will depreciate 59%.

How Long Does Mazda Usually Last?

According to consumer data, Mazda gained a reputation for long-lasting durability, allowing their drivers to get between 200,000 and 300,000 miles.