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Acura, a luxury brand of Honda that fits a wide range of tastes, requires premier Japanese auto repair in Valencia, CA. Even with Honda’s durability behind the Acura brand, your Acura vehicle, old or new, will need to be serviced at some point. Aside from routine maintenance, depending on the model and year of the car, you may notice some issues arising as time goes by.

Our professionals can supply you with high-quality Acura auto repair in Valencia at a reasonable price. Our mechanics have over 30 years of experience and can solve problems that other auto repair shops and dealerships cannot; we pride ourselves on being your dealership option for auto repair in Valencia. We have all the necessary skills and knowledge to complete your vehicle repair on time, saving you money in the long run. We are great at doing all Acura repairs, and we are even better at preventing them, no matter if you have a gas or diesel engine. We service all makes and models, including ILX, Integra, TLX, RDX, MDX, NSX, etc.

Acura Repair Services in Valencia, CA

Acura Tune-up

Regular check-ups with your doctor can help you stay healthy for years to come, so arranging periodic tune-ups for your automobile can help it run more efficiently. Because your vehicle’s engine loses efficiency over time due to normal use, we at RG Brakes & Alignment will do everything we can to fix it.

Preventive Maintenance Service

Preventive maintenance is crucial to your vehicle’s safety, dependability, and lifetime. Correctly executed preventive maintenance costs around half as much as making repairs when your car breaks down. As a result, we recommend making a decision to do preventative maintenance on your vehicles at RG Brakes & Alignment!

Engine Diagnostics

Being a digital analysis of your Acura’s system and components, diagnostic testing can uncover difficulties with the engine, transmission, exhaust system, brakes, and other important components, as well as fuel injector, air flow and coolant, ignition coils, and throttle performance.

Acura Driveline Repair

If your car is trembling or shaking, especially at high speeds, making weird noises, or experiencing resistance while making tight turns, your driveline needs to be serviced. An ASE-certified technician at RG Brakes & Alignment can evaluate the joints for tears, splits, leaking lubricant, or excessive movement.

Brake Repair

It is time for a comprehensive inspection if you hear grinding, squealing, squeaking, or screeching sounds when you apply the brake. Do not put it off any longer; the leading brake repair shop in Valencia will keep your brakes in great shape!

Cooling System Repair

It is critical not to neglect cooling system maintenance as your vehicle’s engine may suffer harm. When corrosion is present, leaks can occur, which might be difficult to locate. Schedule a cooling system service right away if you fear you have a leak.

Acura Transmission Repair

A transmission service is necessary to keep your Acura in top shape. A fluid replacement will be required at some time during the life of your transmission to keep it running smoothly. Because transmission fluid degrades over time, it is necessary to replace it in order to maintain gears and shafts running efficiently.

Oil Change

When it comes to car maintenance, changing the oil regularly is a must. Depending on whether your Acura uses conventional or synthetic oil, your owner’s manual will tell you how long you may drive your car without an oil change. It is normally recommended to replace your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Exhaust Repair & Replacement

Increased engine noise, vibrations, and decreased fuel efficiency are the first signs of an exhaust problem. Contact our Acura repair shop in Valencia and schedule an appointment to have the issue fixed before it turns into a bigger problem. Make your vehicle like new again.

Tire Repair, Replacement & Rotation

When you discover the wear indications are below the minimum, it is time to replace your tires (typically in sets of two or four) to avoid drivetrain damage. Tires will eventually need to be replaced, even if they are rotated regularly. We will examine your tire wear and propose the correct tires for your Acura model at RG Brakes & Alignment.

Air Conditioning Repair

Car A/C issues can range from freon leaks to seized-up compressors. Diagnosing the portion of the air conditioning system that is not working, establishing whether it can be serviced, and then repairing the system are all part of servicing a car’s air conditioning system at RG Brakes & Alignment.

Belts and Hoses Replacement

Hose fittings can loosen with time, causing a coolant leak. Belts, on the other hand, can stretch out over time. You might not realize anything is damaged at first, so it is a good idea to get your car’s belts and hoses regularly tested by our Acura experts.

Wheel Alignment

Refers to adjusting a car’s suspension system and keeps your vehicle from veering to the right or left. Contact the best Acura specialist in Valencia, CA, to have your vehicle evaluated for potential wheel alignment issues.

If the problem you have is not listed above, cheer up – RG Brakes & Alignment offers a number of services to get your Acura back on the road straight away. Alternator repairs, pre-buyers inspections, battery replacement, valve repair, clutch repair, electrical system repair, catalytic converters repair and replacement, complete Honda engine repair, carburetor repair, catalytic converters repair and replacement, and more are among the services provided by our trained and licensed Acura mechanics with dealer-lever competence.

Why Acura Drivers Love RG Brakes & Alignment?

Why Choose Acura Specialists at RG Brakes & Alignment?

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  • Highly-skilled professionals that provide dealer level diagnostics and service
  • Affordable prices
  • ASE-certified mechanics in major Japanese brands
  • Using only OEM parts and lubes
  • 30+ years of experience
  • 24-month warranty on parts and labor
  • Great customer service – we treat you like a family
  • Outstanding reputation – please read our Google and Yelp reviews.

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Acura Auto Repair Near Me: Be Back on the Road in No Time!

Acura is still one of the most popular luxury brands in the United States. When the factory-recommended maintenance program is strictly adhered to, these vehicles retain their maximum value. Each mechanic at RG Brakes & Alignment is ASE-certified and particularly trained in Acura car repairs. Our mechanics are experienced and bring real-world knowledge to the shop, in addition to being taught to utilize the most up-to-date equipment, tools, and manuals. To schedule an appointment at the best repair shop in Valencia, contact us at (661) 259-7098.



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Is Acura Expensive to Repair?

The average yearly Acura maintenance cost is $501 per year, according to RepairPal, which is much less than the average cost of repairs across all automobile brands.

What Are the Most Common Acura Problems?

Being Honda’s luxury and performance brand, Acura automobiles benefit from the same rock-solid Japanese engineering that has earned Honda its reputation for dependability. That does not, however, imply that Acuras are without flaws. Here are a few of the most common issues:

  • Excessive oil consumption
  • Dual-clutch transmission slips
  • Denso fuel pump failure
  • Takata airbag inflator problems
  • TRW crash sensor defect.

What Engine Oil Type Should I Use in My Acura?

It is easy to choose the proper oil for your Acura. To begin, always adhere to Acura’s viscosity recommendations. Using the incorrect viscosity prematurely wears out your Acura’s engine, perhaps resulting in overheating and engine failure. Genuine Acura motor oil (or premium quality 0W-20 detergent oil with an API Certification Seal on the container) will have the proper viscosity to keep your Acura’s engine running smoothly until it is time for an oil change.